When Dull and Sharp stand side by side.

Who doesn’t love an Oxymoron? I mean, really. Those Oxymorons are some of the best parts of our speech. The word comes from our old, crusty, Greek friends in togas. The two ancient Greek words are oxys, which means “sharp,”

Keep a lid on it.

I had eye surgery on Tuesday. I didn’t mention it the day it happened because my mind was in a place of altered awareness, mainly thwarted by an allergic reaction to something surgical. Not to mention that I spent a

When a straight flush goes terribly bad.

The throne. When peeing just isn’t enough. I learned a factoid today. The report claims that 40,000 Americans are injured by toilets each year. Injured by toilets. Each year. Imagine my surprise. Personally, I have never been injured by a