Alone, we are not. Big, out there, it is.

I believe we are not alone. Here in this Universe. Set aside the ever-controversial topic of a Higher Power. I am not talking about this. I suggest that there are “others” out in the grand and infinite Universe, living in

I knew that. Bank robbers know that.

The most logical answer. The clearest explanation. The obvious choice. Isn’t that how we all try to go? The well-reasoned, coherent, intelligent way? Yes. I think most of us strive to do this in every aspect of our lives. But

Giant Penguins and Floating Daschunds

Penguins are shrinking. It is little informational tidbits like this one, that make the world so interesting to me. They aren’t shrinking very fast albeit. They found old bones at Seymour Island (that’s down Antarctica way). Those bones indicate that

The big combustible stink

Sometimes, the sh-t hits the fan. Other times, it just piles up. Such is the case in today’s early news. It was a case of spontaneous combustion. First of all, I have to sidetrack here a little. Growing up, I

How many fuzzy tails could there be?

They took a Squirrel Census in Central Park. Counted up those Gray Squirrels of New York City Parkdom. Specifically, it was a group called, of all things, the “Squirrel Census.” Several different societies, groups, and clubs all merged together to

Do, do, do, as you must.

I had my yearly Mammogram today. And my Bone Density Test. During the standard “health history” questions, the technician asked if I’d recently had any organ replacements. I said “No. But I did buy a new piano.” She looked at

Go on. Build the badly made, unsafe thing.

Contraption. I just love a good contraption. I heard the word early this morning. It happens to be Webster’s Word of the Day. I often wonder, with so many choices, how Webster picks the winners for the Word of the

It your dunking day, don’t roll your eyes.

Again. Every day is a “National Day” of something or other. This practice of making everything on God’s Green Earth, a “National Day” has trivialized the title, if you ask me. I think National Days should be reserved for the