What color is the flag we will wave today?

For the past two days, the word “capitulate” keeps popping in my head. While I was familiar with its meaning, I gave it a good look in the dictionary. capitulate | kəˈpiCHəˌlāt | verb [no object] cease to resist an

It is time to rise and shine.

That poor, poor sap. We’ve all overslept before. I haven’t done this in a long time, but in my younger days it surely would happen. The feeling is a bit unnerving. Coming from a deep, dark, comforting sleep into the

It could be something hardy. Who can know for sure?

Who dunnit? It is a popular question, especially in the Literary World. It is no wonder, as there are so many mysteries in this world. One excellent quote by Anais Nin goes like this: “The possession of knowledge does not

Happy little things from the end zone and from the freezer

I’ll tell you about some happy things. They seem to be springing straight out of nowhere today. Honestly, they are the kind of little plip-plops that make for the instantaneous smile, however fleeting. For one. There is a new list

It might jump up and bite you in the…

There are some really amazing creatures on this earth. Sometimes, though, the thing that makes them amazing is not necessarily good for everyone involved. In fact, they can be deadly. As in, poison deadly. The most poisonous amphibian on the