Past Projects

Project 372. This was the first project. It started, in 2010 as a way to “shoot” more images with a camera. Kronenberger earned her Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Photography in that same year.

Project 368. This one came next. After the first project was completed, after 372 days, I announced that was it. My “Readership” complained saying I couldn’t quit yet. So. 368 was born.

Project 188. As they say, second verse, same as the first. I was quitting after 368 was complete. Another way of resistance hit. So… a shorter version… 188 appeared online.

Project 16010. The crazy people who read this thing were relentless. After 188 days were up, I put my foot down. That would be all. They found out where I lived. So, facetiously, I said, “Okay, okay. What’s another 16,010 days.”   This has now morphed into 30734…. my latest Project.

Project 30473 This has been the most current outing.  It started as a result of relentless badgering from people I thought were my friends.  The show must go on as they say.  And now… we are shifting to Project 70,432.  Kid Wednesday.  Any Day Of The Week.