I tot I saw a flippin’ puddy tat

While I don’t necessarily like to be either one of these things, I am very fond of flabbergasted and flummoxed. To surprise greatly, and, to be completely perplexed. Respectively. They may go hand in hand. “I was flabbergasted by the

Sneaking up right in front of our eyes.

I had never heard of Carl Philipp Gottfried von Clausewitz before today. I happened upon a quote of his, which, for some reason, caught my attention. At some point in his long-ago life, he said: “The backbone of surprise is

Life’s most important thing

I read a little “coaching” type column this morning. You know the drill. It was one of those pieces where the blogger gives you some important life lesson. A way to better yourself, each and every day. Not like here,

Just give it a little try.

Kids these days are picky eaters. There. I’ve said it. I speak in broad brushstrokes of course. But I have seen this, time and again, with my limited exposure to kids. Whether we are with friends, or family, or even

The Eyes Have It.

I just read a news story about a woman in Queenstown, Tasmania. She goes around and collects rocks from various places. Some of those rocks are just here. Or there. Others are in people’s landscaping and gardens. Then, she takes

“Blue Whale Diet” causes unexpected weight gain

Edward Elgar. It is a mouthful. His parents should have named him John, or Trent. Something to buffer that Elgar sound. But he got Edward. He could have been Elgin. Yes it could have been worse. Nonetheless, today is his