Remembering blue things like Bat Capes and Cookie Monsters.

I’m struggling a bit with a topic. I’ve been all over the place, from National Cheeseburger Day, to the CIA. I was thinking, just a few minutes ago, how much I miss the old Batman Show. The one with Burt

Clinking, clanking. The noise I hear is clutter.

I don’t like clutter. Not anywhere, really. Clutter makes me feel closed in, and I like wide open living spaces. If I had to live in NYC in a tiny closet for an apartment, I’d probably have a single chair,

There’s more in store in the story. Like chocolates.

James Cash Penney. It’s a good name. He was born in Missouri, a long time ago. On this date, in fact, in 1875. I wonder what Hamilton, Missouri was like in that year. My guess, is that there wasn’t a

Smile? Did you say Cheese? Or is it a Toast?

That smile, that smile. There is a lot to be said for a smile. Nice to see — some — nicer than others. I just read an article about that act of smiling, though. For years, and years, we have

Shark attack on the third shelf near the Fritos.

As Summer takes its final bows for this year, people can look back over their shoulders at the nice vacations they took. Many good folks flocked to the beaches, to splash in the waves, and feel the hot summer sun

The words that lead to the place you know.

There are times when there are words in life. Perfect words. You hear them, and you think to yourself, “Ah. Those are the perfect words.” Of course, there are the other moments when no words will do, at all. People

Paint your walls wild, just like Great Grandma used to do.

Remarkable stories happen all the time. I know I’ve written about this one before, but it continues to amaze me. Today is the anniversary of the discovery, of the Lascaux Paintings. Yes, it was in 1940, in Dordogne, France. The

No matter the date, a cause for a pause.

Of course, today is September 11th. Who, in America, doesn’t give pause for reflection on this day. It marks the terrorist attack by Al Qaeda on America. A number of planes were hijacked and used as weapons. The first two

Untied shoes and other things that cause a fall forward.

Charles Kettering, once said. “One fails forward toward success.” I think this is a good day for me to look around, and fail forward with something else. See you soon. ========= “Never put off till tomorrow what may be done

You don’t know Jack. Well, actually I do. Jack Hammer.

We live at the end of a long driveway. I don’t really like to call it a lane. Yes, we are out in the country, but a “lane” seems long, and straight, and flat, to me. The kind where dust