Good spiders and lots of people

Lucky Seven Eleven. That is the day’s date. This day is packed full of notable birthdays. There’s John Quincy Adams, the 6th President of the United States. Not to mention, William the Bruce, the old Scottish King and Hero from

Those grimy hands on our stuff.

I just read that 97% of Americans are washing their hands wrong. Not long enough, and not enough soap, is what the survey concluded. We are supposed to “scrub” them, according to the article, for at least 20 seconds with

Torpedoes, with sprinkles on top.

I like to write about people on their birthdays. It just feels like a little remembrance, in honor of the good, or the terrible thing they have done. Today is David Farragut’s birthday. This David was born July 5, 1801,

Crack-a-lacka, and farewell.

Smithereens. That’s exactly what I thought the moment I picked it up. This morning, you see, I was putting my Apple Watch on my wrist. Standing at the kitchen island, all by myself, in the absolute quiet of the early,