Things we don’t know about monkey tails and bird poo.

What we think we know might not be what it seems. This is true in all parts of our lives, in our world, our Universe. But it could be anything, really. Take this for example. Of course, Hyenas don’t really

The best way to plant your nose firmly on the ground

It wasn’t so dark that I couldn’t see the bare essentials. The night sky was filled with clouds, and the waning crescent moon was somewhere behind one of them. I could look up, and see the illumination, the scattering and

If you are going to jump, you should have a plan.

The first ever parachute jump. Now that’s really something to think about. The anniversary date of this was actually a couple of days ago. It happened in 1797, in Paris. A guy named André-Jacques Garnerin was the culprit, or the

What’s in the bowl? Oh. We’re in the bowl.

I’m not sure I can write anything cohesive today, because my thoughts are all over the place. I woke up this morning, thinking about Goldfish, and wondering what life must be like for them. There they are, in a round

What to do when the candy goes flying by.

I think the reason that Lucille Ball was so wildly popular and funny is because she was always out of control. In her normal, everyday life, living in that apartment with her husband and son, just downstairs from the Mertz’s,

Throw another log on that fire, Monday fighter.

It’s Monday morning. You roll over and plop your feet on the floor, just having woken from a dream about the Sta-Puff Marshmallow Man overtaking the municipal zoo, and all the animals getting really hopped up on sugar. The chimpanzees

The Neutron Guy, Fangs, and Old Horse Face

Some dates are prolific, in terms of birth production of the famous and notable. Of course, we all are incredible beings in our own right. But most of us don’t get the worldwide recognition that certain others do. Notably, this

How does the weight balance in space, or in time?

There’s a big clamor right now in the news bringing us stories from space. Yes indeed, those two NASA astronauts — Jessica Meir and Christina Koch — conducted the first all-female spacewalk outside of the International Space Station. They began

Who fired the shot, and why do giraffes always get to play center?

Do you think Lee Harvey Oswald did it? The whole thing, on his own, without any help from anyone? I just saw his mugshot. He didn’t look like the smartest fellow. He may have been one sandwich short of the

What could it possibly mean? Who’s asking?

There are so many things to learn about, and explore in life. I have interest in a great many of them, but if I examined each one, I would be inundated with masses of information, and left with not much