About All This

At seven years of age, she was given a box of sea monkeys.. and a big bowl of water for her birthday.  It was a beginning, for artist and photographer Polly Kronenberger.  Sea Monkeys come and go.  But the box made for a great pinhole camera.It was about that same time, when Kronenberger felt the universal shift in the time continuum.   This was disconcerting to her parents, as young Polly began  to walk with a lean. 

She would straighten pictures on walls as she would pass.  While other protested she was making them crooked, Polly knew in her heart of hearts….. the frames were now hanging exactly right.It was the profound and glorious beginning for her artistic and photographic career.   Her Great Aunt Gerty said…”That girl needs more protein.”

She travels the world in search of new ideas and inspiration for the writings and images on  this site.  Recently spotted at the “Biggest Ball of String” Exhibit in Darwin, Minnesota, she was overheard saying:  “It’s just too dang cold up here.  I’m going home.”

In her spare time, Kronenberger enjoys playing full-contact backgammon,  visiting the mollusks at the aquarium, fidgeting,  and eating hush puppies at any restaurant bold enough to serve them. 

She is an avid ice sculptor, but keeps her house way too warm to actually create anything but large floor puddles.