Will is a good name for someone with a good will.

There’s something about him that just seems wholesome to the core. Will Rodgers. Young people today most likely have never heard of him. But today is his birthday, coming into this world in 1879, in none other than Oologah, Oklahoma.

Knock on wood. Knock three times. Goodness. Just knock.

Another “National” Day, of course. They are every day. I didn’t like writing about them initially, because they appear with such frequency and have become so carelessly bloated, that they boarder on the ridiculous. But these days, they offer a

How long is long? Ask your local jellyfish.

Nothing lasts forever, is how the saying goes. I’m not sure about that one, but I won’t stand on the edge of a philosophical debate today. Instead, I’ll focus on the things here which are earthbound. As in, attached or