Throw another log on that fire, Monday fighter.

It’s Monday morning. You roll over and plop your feet on the floor, just having woken from a dream about the Sta-Puff Marshmallow Man overtaking the municipal zoo, and all the animals getting really hopped up on sugar. The chimpanzees

The Neutron Guy, Fangs, and Old Horse Face

Some dates are prolific, in terms of birth production of the famous and notable. Of course, we all are incredible beings in our own right. But most of us don’t get the worldwide recognition that certain others do. Notably, this

How does the weight balance in space, or in time?

There’s a big clamor right now in the news bringing us stories from space. Yes indeed, those two NASA astronauts — Jessica Meir and Christina Koch — conducted the first all-female spacewalk outside of the International Space Station. They began

When Dull and Sharp stand side by side.

Who doesn’t love an Oxymoron? I mean, really. Those Oxymorons are some of the best parts of our speech. The word comes from our old, crusty, Greek friends in togas. The two ancient Greek words are oxys, which means “sharp,”