Somehow apples never tasted so good. Or did they?

Cherry-Pit Apples. They are incredibly delicious. They look like regular apples, mostly. But on the inside is a “pit” area which isn’t like a pit at all. It is more like the consistency, and appearance, of a fig, or a

When something from above scares your nuts to drop

Articles about our world interest me. It could be scientific, political, anthropomorphic, or any number of topics. This morning, I read an article at Smithsonian. About squirrels. First, a disclaimer. I have a thing for squirrels. Oh wait. I have

Labor, not like birthing a child, but like punching the time-clock labor.

This has been Labor Day. The purpose of it, is to celebrate the 160 million Americans who are in the workforce. The Labor Force. That is the current number who are either employed, or unemployed. Honestly, if I were