Things that go BEEP in the night.

Electricity. We need it. As the nuts and bolts go, it is a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles. Like those tiny and glorious electrons or protons. The resulting energy exists either statically — such as an accumulation of charge. Or it exists dynamically as a current.

All of that aside, we are dependent. Most of our stuff runs on electric. And when it is gone, we notice.

Our electric, here at our house, blinks out frequently. For long periods of time. The mere mention of a storm, and our electric goes out. Such was the case on Thursday afternoon. Rain and wind rolled through our little corner of the world. And zzzzffffftttt. Out it went. In the entire county, eleven people were without electric. As always, we were one.

Because of this, we had a generator installed years ago. And then we had a bigger, better one installed about a year ago. A behemoth. Thankfully it does a great job.

Until last night. Just before midnight, our Carbon Monoxide Alarms went off. We opened windows, and turned on fans. It wouldn’t clear. I reset the monitors. But each time, they squealed again. (Before they sirens sounded, I noticed I was getting a sick stomach, and my head hurt. I was certain I was coming down with something. Hindsight, I was sucking back too much CO.)

We quickly made the decision to leave. We grabbed the dogs, got into my car just after midnight, in our very nice PJs, and decided to sleep in the office area of a building I own in Eaton. Mary took the office couch. I grabbed a spot on the nice hard floor.

Sleep eluded me. What used to be my hips — will never be the same.

It was quite a night.

Today our electric is back on, and the house has been aired out. I am extremely thankful for this, and even more grateful for those devices that warn us of dangers. Without this little gadget, you may very well be reading someone else’s blog today.


“Be thankful for everything that happens in your life; it’s all an experience.”
― R.T. Bennett


“Happy girls are the prettiest”
― Audrey Hepburn


“Electricity is really just organized lightning”
― George Carlin