The Ruff World

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When I met dogs, I really started learning some lessons about life.  About this world.  Nature.  Time.  About spirit.

We have three dogs.  Or should I say, they have us.

They are a part of this family.  Some people may shake their heads at this, and think I am Soft of Noggin.

But I would argue with them about this.

Except, my dogs have taught me that it isn’t so important to argue about anything.   They don’t hold grudges either.

My dogs have given me so much.  Especially great tips.  Like, it is true and righteous to wag your tail when something makes you happy.  It is okay to jump up and down for joy… when you are feeling so uplifted.

Always make time to play.  Even if it means chasing your own tail around in circles.

They showed me how important it is to be true and loyal.
And most importantly, how to love unconditionally.

I talk about being present.  My dogs showed me this is quite possible.  Every moment of our lives.

And because of them, I also started seeing… really seeing….  the other beings in our world.  And the wonders they have to offer us.

If you think all of this is bunk, I am sorry for you.  I am.  But.   If you would do me one little favor, and spend 15 minutes with a dog, you might feel differently.