When things go bump

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Some days just seem a little better than others.  Somehow.  The air seems a little crisper.  Or, maybe, your clothes just feel a bit better on your body.  The sun is glowing a little brighter.  Or maybe your very good friends come over to YOUR house and fix YOU dinner.   It all falls that way sometimes.

Today was one of those days.

And as it is, I am an old-time lover of the ultimate hamburger.  While I don’t eat very much meat these days, those old friends of ours KNOW the beast is still within me.  My lifelong quest for the best burger ever.  So that is what they fixed.

Today, it DID in fact, taste like the best burger ever.  We also had cheesy potatoes, crazy-good cole slaw, green beans, and the works.  And another favorite item, Sausage Dip.  We ate. And ate. And ate. We swam. We laughed. We talked.  We together-ed.

I love it when I can truly “together” with other people.

The thing that hit me tonight, is how lucky I am to know them.   We live in different cities, and moved in separate circles.  But some 17 years ago, we met, and we have been thick as thieves ever since.

They are easy to like.

Which made me come to the next thought.  They are easy to like.  Some people are “easier” to like than others.  And you feel a connection.  This is a great and wonderful part of life.

Recently, here in the world of Social Media and Digital Dialects, I’ve had the chance to meet people.  For instance.  I’ve recently had the pleasure of getting to know some of my distant cousins here on Facebook.  We share the same Great Grandfather.  His name was Eugene.

We all grew up in the Greater Dayton area.  I think.  But we never really “knew”  this other band of Kronenbergers existed.  So.  Some 50 years later, we connect.   And I am so grateful for this.  They all are truly lovely people.

Yes. I feel grateful tonight… for all the people in my life.  I believe everyone we meet, or know… good, bad, or ugly…. are here in our lives to help us grow.  To grow… as good human beings ought to.   People come into our lives to teach us something.  And so we learn.  Or at least… it is good if we learn.

The clockworks of this universe do this right on time.  I believe this too.  The earth is  spinning along just fine on its little axis.  When all of a sudden, it hits a bump, or a hiccup, or even a blip.  And when this happens, we meet our people.   And they meet us.

It is Newton’s Third Law of Physics.   For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  And here we are.

I just like the way this works. So yes,  I am very glad for all the people in my life.  But most of all, I am thankful for the ones I love.