The big day out.



steeepsss food

Well, if you missed me, I missed you.  I was on a plane all night.  We were on our way to Prague… on that plane up in the sky.  And how about that?  Just about a day of travel later…. WE are here.

Yesterday Camden, Ohio.  This morning, Czech Republic.  Like that Dorothy says… we are not in Kansas anymore Toto.  Czech?  Check.

The funniest part of the day is Mary trying to learn the Czech word for Thank You.   It is Děkuji.  She would be all around it… but never on it.  The more she tried, the harder we laughed.  It started sounding like “DECAY” toward the end of the day.    She would look at a waiter, smile… and cheerfully say… “Decay.”

Blank stare back.

Anyways.  We did a lot today.  On our own.   Of course, the architecture here is so incredible, that it is …. just incredible.  With a really, really big I.

And to food is pretty delicious too.  Although, there are more Italian Restaurantes and Irish Pubs than I can shake a stick at.  And believe me, I tried.

We ended up at Italian for lunch, unknowingly.  But we had a ham, artichoke, mushroom pizza… with an EGG on it.  I love the Europe way of putting  eggs on everything.  We found that a lot, up north.  But never a pizza.  It is my new go-to.

Dinner was a traditional Czeck meal.  Cooked beef in gravy, with Hungarian Bread and some sort of Potato Cake.  And a big pretzel.  Beauty I’ll tell you.  Beauty.

We went to the old Jewish area in Old Town.  The cemetery was the coolest.  The were a multitude of headstones, all in a very small space.  Some of them dated back to the early 1400s.  That’s old.   Dead people are old a lot of the time too.  So… they match.

Most of the writing was in Czech.  It was in check.  LOL… I’m sooooo tired in cracking myself up now.

All in all a good day, but we couldn’t find our way back to our hotel. Even with 2 city maps, and 2 iPhones.  I think the wearies simply set in and made our Thinkers go lame.

So. More to come.  The adventure begins.
Ohhhhh…. to see how I sleep tonight.

A little ditty, before I jog.
I’m pretty loyal, like a dog.
I hope I sleep just like a log.
All night, in my bed, right here in Prague.