The influence.


When we live on any given day, and observe the world…. what we are seeing is not an absolute condition.  The things we see, and think, and perceive, are truly snapshots of our own consciousness.

Everything we think has been influenced by past experiences, and genetics, and conditioning.  This is true for all of us.

Quantum Physics.  You know I think it is way cool.  Well here is the deal with those smarty-pants.  Those physicists tell us that it is impossible to conduct an experiment…. ANY experiment…. because of the presence of the person conducting the experiment.  The experimenter influences the results.

That’s what we do in life.  What we think, say, act, is influenced by our own presences.  We affect our own lives profoundly…..simply by participating in them. Yes… the obvious becomes clear.  What we DO determines how our lives turn out.

If we could only remember this in difficult situations.  When we need to act with understanding and compassion.

My theory is this.

The more good we do… just for the sake of it…. the better our lives become.
The gifts of the spirit….. when we give kindness, compassion, and  understanding, we do not lose anything.   When we give laughter… or forgiveness… and give them freely…. we do not lose anything.   Both the giver and the receiver gain endlessly.

And sometimes, we just give something… to no one in particular.  Sometimes, it manifests in the shape of a happy dance… when no one is watching. Or by sitting in the grass, and just watching and seeing… and being there … in that moment.

Each moment is a gift.  And we are in it.


“Do not waste time trying to change the world – just look for something that you are useful.”
― Davi Oliveira


“Never forget to express your gratitude for the gift of life.”
― Debasish Mridha