Sad rock, tick, Skip.

Most days, I really notice a lot of things.  And I often wonder, about those things I’m noticing.

So today, I decided to take my phone out of my pocket when something struck me.  I had my phone out a LOT.  Tonight, I will share a few of the images of the day.   This could be… on any given day… in the life of me.

To begin with.  I really enjoy my breakfast. Beyond words. In fact, most mornings, I make yummy noises when I eat my standard fare.  I never tire of it.  Eggs, Oatmeal, English Muffin.  But this morning, I had a bonus, just as I sat down.  Yes.  A tick crawled up on my plate.  From somewhere.  This was a little disturbing for me.  But nothing in comparison to how disturbing it was for the tick.  He or she was probably just out for a little morning walk.. trying to avoid piping hot oatmeal.  When suddenly, it finds itself squished between two human fingers, and being whisked over great expanses.  Finally, it feels itself flying through the air, only to plunge into a big body of cold swirling water.  And down the swirl it goes, into the deep dark pipes to depths unknown.  Yes.  It was far worse for the tick than for me.


Geese walks have become a common practice around here.  Humans out walking with two geese and three dogs.  The geese follow the human.  It is a good time for me to just look about and enjoy the gifts of nature.  Like goose poop.  But for the geese, it is a time for discovery, and nourishment, and questioning.  And the two geese converse.  “So that’s our mom, right?”  “Right.”  “Do you think we will look like her when we grow up?”  “Yep.”  “How come she walks funny?”  “Geez… have you seen her feet?”


Yesterday, someone gave me a business card.  This was important to me, because I wanted to make an appointment from this contact information.  Like so many other business cards in my possession, within a day, they end up looking like this.  Dr. Seuss once said, “Oh the places you’ll go, and the people you’ll meet.”  Not in my case.   At least not the people on the business cards.  Thank the gods above I quit washing my iPhones though.


I love squirrels.  I call all of them “Skippy.”  Unfortunately, someone hit him in our driveway today.   This made me very sad.   But.  I think squirrels are cute, and athletic, and amazing.  I don’t mind that they get on our bird feeders and eat seed.  Squirrels get hungry too.  One quality they possess is their ability to climb trees.   They are incredible acrobats in fact.   Much of this is due to their feet.  They are designed to climb.  I wanted to capture how cool their feet are.


Tonight, I found this rock.   I love rocks you know.  This one was particularly prepossessing.  It immediately caught my attention.  But then I got it inside… and all of  a sudden… it looked sad.   So, I waited a few moments.  Still sad.  I made the decision to carry it back outside to the spot where I had met it.  Wouldn’t you know ….. it still looked melancholy.    Now it is back in the house.  I’ve decided to let it live here for a few days… to see if we can turn that frown upside down.

Heyyyyyy.  I bet if I flip that rock over…….   Heyyyyyyyy…..


So there you have it.  Little snidbits of my day.  A few of the things I noticed.

In any given day…we all notice a little bit of this and that.
Just imagine though… all the things we don’t notice.  The numbers are infinite.
The possibilities are endless.  Each moment.  And that is the beauty of that miracle.  Each day of our lives.


“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.”
― Erol Ozan


“What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the will to find out, which is the exact opposite.”
― Bertrand Russell


“Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different.”
― Albert Szent-Györgyi