Not Milton Berle. Miltenberg.

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There is a lot to be said for taking the path less travleled.   That is what we did today.  Instead of the 4 hours on a bus to and from a very commercialized Heidelberg, we opted to stay on the boat to a small village called Miltenberg.  This was a great idea.  We pretty much had the boat, and the town, to ourselves.

So…. Miltenberg is a very little  and very quaint town.  Like, right out of Hansel & Gretel quaint.  Or Drulock.

A very short history of the town.

Before the Germans were the Romans, apparently.  This area was first established, around 2 A.D. by those early bird Romans.

The area became more populated in the Medieval Ages.  More of the standard issue German type Middle-Ages-Folk… and their folk tales.  Yep.  Apparently, there were enough of them in this little berg by 1200 A.D. … to merit building a castle.  So they built a big castle.   As with any of these varieties of German towns, there are a lot of Catholic Churches too.

We walked about on our own.  Our intended destination was that Castle. But we never made it up that far.  There were too many other churches, and buildings, and cute little shops to fill our time.

And don’t forget all the good-smelling meat places that would sell us those incredible sausage sandwiches at will.  As many as our Euros could buy.

We had a fun time exploring, and it might be my favorite stop so far.  When you go off on your own, it offers more freedom to explore and notice.  Like the guy who was lying nakers on the bank of the river.

I only wish we could have had about 4 more hours here.  At least.

Once we got back to the boat this evening, we relaxed and went  to dinner.  This was German night.  Pretzels and sausages everywhere.  We sang, we danced, we ate German mustard.  We made German mustard mustaches on our faces.  And…..  Can you imagine if we drank?

All said and done, it was another great day.