Wurtzburg on my mind..





Traveling down the Main River at night, is a little wonky.  You bonk around pretty good when you pass through a Lock.  I’d say we went through at least a half of a dozen Locks overnight.

But we woke this morning parked alongside of Würzburg.  The tour books describe the city itself as “not that interesting.”  But I would beg to differ.  I found it ALL very interesting.

Of course, the different people in a different culture makes it that way for me, whenever we travel abroad. Even still, there were a lot of little markets, and “standing cafes” and pastry / pretzel shops.  What is not to love?

We decided to explore on our own today, without any guided tour.  It was great.  Mary was navigating the city and she did quite well.  We walked the streets and alleys.  We found two great churches / Cathedrals.  And our main point of interest was the Würzburg Prince Bishop Palace Residenz.

For many, many centuries, the Wurzburg Prince-Bishops wielded enormous power.  They also had a TON of loot.  The entire city grew in opulence while these dudes were at the helm.  I would like to learn more about all this, and how it worked.  But one of the “most narcissistic” of them, decided to construct a really big abode.   This Palace Residenz.

The Palace itself is pretty magnificent. We were not allowed to photograph the inside… which about killed me.  There are 350 rooms in this place.  It is pretty majestic.  It was built, starting in 1720 and through 1744.  The fact that it only took 24 years to complete construction,  is absolutely amazing to me.

The rooms, the rooms, the rooms!  Frescoes everywhere.  Tapestries.   Chandeliers.  Statues.  Sculptures.  Just so much grandeur.   Holy crap.

Much of it was  heavily damaged when the British bombed Wurzburg during WWII.  The restoration began in 1945.  But there was an American Soldier who did a lot to save and preserve this palace during and after the war.  I don’t know his name, as I was not allowed to take a photo or use my iPhone.  No paper in my pocket, either.  But bless his soul for thinking on his feet about restoring this place.

Then…  along the paths through town.  We explored more. The two doms (Cathedrals) we visited were very magnificent as well.  I felt a complete sense of awe and reverence when I walked in both places.  It just seems, oh-so-very-serious inside.

We dined at a traditional German restaurant for lunch.  Although my last name is Kronenberger, I think my ancestors might have trickled down through the Vegetarian Branch of Kronenbergers.  My taste buds for heavy German food must need ta workout.

You know, when you travel like this… you meet a lot of people… and learn so much you didn’t know before.

Like, one of the women on our boat is an author.  Jerry asked what type of books she wrote, while we were at breakfast this morning.  She said… “Paranormal Erotic Novels.”

I looked at her and said, “I probably haven’t read much of your work.”

Nonetheless, it just goes, once again to show you… that this world spins round and round.  And it takes EVERY kind, to keep the ball moving.