Boat on the Rhein




The Reader’s Digest Version of the Next Excursion.
(Hey, I’m a poet, and I didn’t even know it.)
(It’s all starting to rhyme, like the Cuckoo Clocks would chime.)

Okay. Stop it Kronenberger.  I am hitting a level of slap-happiness tonight.

The day in a nutshell.

A beeeeaaaauuuuuttttifffffullllll ride up the Rhein River.  Gorgeous.  We were on the upper deck for the first time (really).  We were not allowed up there much at all because of the lock systems, and low bridges, on the Main River.

Anyway, it was fun.  We played shuffleboard, and putting-green-golf, and watched Mary fall flat on her duff, from a horizontal position, in her lounge chair.  It caused quite a stir among concerned boat-buddies.

Two cities today.  Mainz, and Rudesheim.

Mainz.  If our cruise…. has body parts… and there has to be an arm pit…. Mainz would be it.
However, I met some very, very nice Germans there, who helped us discover that we were, in fact, in Mainz…. and NOT Rudesheim.  Minor oversight, on our part.
We also saw a very creepy and depressing Cathedral.  And we ate fabulous cheese and vegetable soft pretzels, and also a currysausage sandwich.

Next stop… awesome Rudesheim.  Very picturesque and a lot to do and see.  Probably our favorite part was riding up to the top of the hill-ish mountain on a cable car.  So great.

We ate dinner in a perfect little German Restaurant, and three of us ordered what I am calling “German-style Pizza.”  No red sauce.  Cheese. Veggies.  Oh my gahhhd it was good.

I am grateful tonight for the gifts that life is affording me.  Not only in this grand experience of travel, but in the “every day of things” when I am home.

I send much love to you, all my friends.  I am grateful for you too.

One thing I am learning in this German-leg of our trip…… if you have any doubts in life, or worried times… eat a little sausage sandwich with some good German mustard on it.  It makes it all feel better.