Flying High

In a world of “Breaking News” Events and a constant flow of information, it becomes easy to miss some key items. Those things that you most certainly “need to know” today. So, I thought I would share a few with

The City Life

My address is in Camden, Ohio. I live Out-In-The-Country-Camden; not the Village-Proper-Camden. Little Camden. It isn’t the most progressive place in the world, but 2,083 of us like to call it home. This year, the Village of Camden will be

The great big what.

I wrote some things tonight, and I don’t feel that it will do any good to reprint them here. Throwing a brick through the front window won’t make anything better. Like every other day, I have a complete sense of

Whether a Weather Balloon?

Some people believe the earth is flat. I am not one of them. I have read the scientific proof which has indicated otherwise. Besides that, I’ve seen the round shadow the earth makes on the moon, and I’ve flown in

Oh. This is steamy.

My name. I’ve written about it before. Polly. That’s the real deal. It is on my Birth Certificate, my Baptismal Notice, and stamped on my butt, in very minuscule letters, which resemble a mole. It isn’t a very popular name.

The language of all

Last night, I looked out over our meadow. All the Usual Suspects were there. Scads of birds, squirrels, deer, and rabbits. All co-mingling. There was Disney music being piped in from somewhere. It was nice. I half expected a little

Water, man.

Many of you know I have this thing for Super Heroes. It started when I was about three-years-old, and it never waned. Bruce Waned. But seriously, I love Super Heroes. I couldn’t get enough of the comics and cartoons when

A few good words

This morning, I took the time to read the Constitution again. I think it is good practice to read it, every now and then. It is quite a document. I am thinking of it, mostly, because on today’s date, this