Go Home PK.







Yep, yep, yep. Big ahhhhhhhh.

The good news is… we arrived home tonight.
The bad news is…. well…. … there really isn’t any bad news.

We left the East End of the Grand Cayman Island this morning at 10:30. And 12 hours later, we are home, safe and sound.

Travel went extremely well. No glitches, no hitches. The Cayman Airport was as empty as I have ever seen it. That was great, because you are in a bit of a cattle coral in there.

We flew back into the states through Charlotte, NC. Getting back through Customs, picking up your luggage, dropping your luggage back off, and going through Security takes a load of time. It was a good thing we had about 90 minutes between our flights. We needed every minute.

The only downside of the whole deal was stopping at Wendy’s on our way home tonight. We were both famished. I swear the pickles on my Single were rancid. There was something wrong with my cukes. I hope they don’t make me puke.

But yay. Finally back in beautiful Preble County.

Our three girls were so happy, it about made me cry.
I think having a dog must be a lot like being a rock star. I mean, they just go crazy for you. They jump… and sing…. and smile and scream. (Well. Bark.) Like little Roadies.

You surely can tell those dogs are crazy-go-nuts for you.

Above and beyond the girls, everything here just seems perfect tonight. And I am so happy to be home.

We were really in a little bit of peaceful paradise for two solid weeks. It seems like it might be hard to beat paradise. But here we are, and I am so very grateful for that. Happy. Ecstatic. Fortunate.

Maybe the real rock star is “home”… and I am the incurable Roadie.