You can learn some things by looking around you.

Here are a few I saw while on vacation.  The look and learns.

Stand Up and Lean

It is really good to stand tall and strong.  It is also good to lean on your pals from time to time.


Climb to new heights.

Stairs go up, and they go down.  Which direction you choose is up to you.


Same vs. Same

The people on this earth of ours…. are all very different… and all very much the same.

We should pay more attention to the similarities, and how we can best fit together.



Sing your song.  Sort of.

It is great to express yourself…. in whatever form you choose.

However, there should be strict laws against “Hit and Run Karaoke.”  STRICT!


So the short list.  Of things to learn while you are on vacation.

For better, or for worse.


And.  YOU.

“Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths.” – Rumi