On the Range.

chickwhisperIt only seems fair that I give you an update on Domestic Affairs.  I am sure you haven’t been able to sleep nights, without the “skinny” on the Homefront here.  Besides that, I am so tired tonight, I feel like one of those cartoon characters with the toothpicks propping their eyelids open.

And so it begins…


The “Girls” all seem to be doing great.   We have the most excellent Dog Sitters.   Old Max, and Old Frances are hanging right in there.  Albeit, Maxine has barely gotten up to say hello.  Unless we have food.


As if I thought it was possible… Frances is sweeter than ever.  My pal.


I told the girls I had been doing a lot of Meditation and Spiritual Reflection, while I was gone.  Ollie showed me her very best Zen Face today.  She then asked if she could go with me next time.



Mary is the Chicken Whisperer in the Family.  Those lovely chickens sure do love her.   Especially Maddie and Jeannie.  I have quit calling them by name.  The chickens.  That way, when I steal their newborns, and haul them off to the skillet…  I don’t feel quite so bad.  It doesn’t feel as personal.



Dorothy and Flo go for drinks at the HEN BAR.  Two of my girl chickens. They are great chickens.  But I told you… NOT by name. Dag nab it.


Madeline.  (Above). Madd is a good chicken.  Kind.   She has an Evil, Evil Sister named Louise.  Evil Chicken.

Finally, the Pod Tree.  Really, I think this is a Sycamore.  It is my favorite, just because it is so beautiful.  And, it has become my patron-tree-saint when I go on vacation.  You see, I am Home Syc-a-more, whenever I am traveling.


And that is all for tonight.