Your share of Oxygen.

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Random, random…. things on my mind.  It is the end of the month.  I get random, at the end of months.  Or the end of my rope.

This morning, someone called me and left a message, saying,  “Please call me back at your earliest convenience. It is important that I speak with you.”  (Like the dude from DP&L, perhaps.)  So… I called him back 15 minutes later, and identified myself.  I said I was returning his call.  He had absolutely no clue who I was.  This bugs me.

Hey.  What happened to all the BFFs?
You don’t hear about everyone’s BFFs anymore. Where have all the BFFs gone?  Are they like missing socks?  I think it is mysterious.  Curious.

I love the word… inexplicable.  The reason?  It is inexplicable.

Breaking News Today!  There is a new star.  Not like an American Idol Star.  I’m talking, star-light, star-bright. A bunch of Astronomers found it.  How they go about finding these things, I’ll never know.  But I imagine, a large telescope is involved.  At any rate, the particular star… named DOX…. is unlike any ever found. It has an outermost layer of 99.9 percent pure oxygen.  I bet there are lots of trees on DOX.

These astronomers say its atmosphere is the most oxygen-rich in the known universe. I don’t know how they know this either.  But  one thing I do know that earth’s surface has a measly 21% oxygen.  Take a deep breath. It’s okay.

Speaking of breath.  My birthday is rolling around soon. I looked this next little factoid up.  In the last year, I have taken roughly 15,768,000 breaths.  Roughly.

And, I’ve had 42,075,900 heartbeats.  My heart is beating faster than I’m breathing.  Should I be concerned? Do I need to move to DOX?

Here’s another outstanding accomplishment of mine.  I’ve had about 2190 dreams this past year too. I wish I could remember all of them.  I remember some.  It is inexplicable.   But the whole time, I was breathing 21% oxygen.

How about our planet, since we’re on it.  And there ARE people on it.  In one year, we gain about 83,949,411… world wide.  Give or take a few.   That’s a big bunch.

There are around 10,000 different species of birds worldwide.   I thought you should know.  The chicken is the most common species of bird found in the world. I thought you should know that too.  Eggs.  Lots of eggs.  This is the happiest fact of the night.

A couple more things I wonder about.

The word coffers always reminds me of dead people.  I have no idea why.  It is typically thought of as the financial reserves of a group or institution.  Maybe because it starts with coff.

If you are in an Earthquake, and you get thirsty right after….. ….do you think it would be risky to open a can of soda?

And… finally.  Has anyone ever, in their whole entire life, EVER killed two birds with one stone.  Or… even killed ONE bird with one stone?   If you have, it better not have been one of those chickens.  Breathing 21% oxygen.  With their other BFF Chickens.  Inexplicably.


“Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.”   ― John Locke