What a Boo…

I wrote and wrote and wrote tonight.

The whole of it… was a summation of the day’s headlines.  All the bad and terrible news, with some added commentary on my part.

I covered it all.

The 470,000 needless deaths of men, women, and children, in the Syrian Civil War thus far. Aleppo.  The road rage incident in Little Rock, Arkansas, where a 3-year-old little boy, was killed with a gun, because of slow driving.  Another great use for the handgun.   And. The tree falling on a wedding party in California.

As I looked over my recollections, I figured most of you had already heard about  these things, one way or the other.  It was even more depressing than what I am writing now.  Even Zsa Zsa Gabor’s death.

But all of the intentional degradation … ALL of it… is caused at the very root of things…. by fear.  We are a people who fear.  We fear people who are different than us.  We fear losing our stuff.  We fear we won’t be able to get more stuff.  We fear the unknown.  We fear a lot.  For many of us, it drives our actions.

And.  I think…. I feel… that…. the answer to this is love.  I bet you.  Somehow.  Some way.  I believe that is our purpose as humans, is to grow love in this world.  To cultivate goodness through love.  To work on putting away our fears.  Love is the answer, as they say.

So.  Don’t be hard on ourselves today.  Be kind.  To others and ourselves.  And when the fear creeps in?  Maybe it will help to know that we are not alone.  Lots of people fear.  My public service moment:  Here are some of the fears of some popular people we all know…..  so remember… you are not alone.

Billy Bob Thornton… has a phobia about antiques.
Alfred Hitchcock had some unique fears.  He and I could not have had breakfast together…. he feared eggs… especially runny ones.
Christina Ricci… Houseplants.
And Tyra Banks is afraid of dolphins.
Mr. Tough Guy… Matthew McConaughey… is afraid of revolving doors.  Round and round we go.
Niclole Kidman? Butterflies. Yes.  Butterflies.
Oprah.  She has a fear of Chewing Gum.  What the…?

So … just a little something for you to chew on… as you start your Monday.
There is nothing to fear, but fear itself… is what our boy Franky D. said.  But everyone will tell you that Franky might have been wrong.  It seems like a lot more than that… to me.