Come to your senses?


Some people believe in them.  Others do not.


They have  been described in a thousand different ways, by a million different people.  At the very least.  Most of the time, an angel is described as a spiritual being.  They are believed to act as an attendant…. or an agent…  or a messenger of God.  Or a Higher Power.

How do we picture them?  Conventionally, they seem to be represented in human form with wings and a long robe.  Sometimes they are thought of as guardian angel.  One who watches over.

I’ve spoken with a LOT of people who believe in Angels.  Some say they have had an experience, which they  believed to be directly involved with angels.

Conversely, I’ve spoken with a LOT of people who don’t believe in them.  They don’t believe in the other worldly things.

Most every one of those people, on both sides of this… are credible people.  They have no reason to lie to me.  Either way.  Nothing to gain.  Either way.  So…. two very separate sides to this.  Who is telling the truth?

I have a theory on this.  I suppose both sides are telling the truth.  What they KNOW as the truth.  And this comes from basically two things.  In this case… it is “perspective” and “perception.”

We each see this world differently.  We all have different “truths” about our world, and our situation.  This is our perspective.  Shaped from our genetic make-up, our past experience, and our current position. Our perspective differs greatly sometimes, from those around us.

Then there is perception.  The ability to be aware of something, normally through the senses.  So.  For example.  Some people don’t hear very well, and you have to speak VERY LOUDLY for for them to hear.

So in lies the case with the spiritual world.

Many people cannot “hear” or “see” or “feel” the world of the sixth sense.  The other worldly.  Even when it shouts at them, or smells so incredibly sweet… they are unable to perceive the world of spirit.  They cannot see.  Or hear.  Or feel.

Yet, certain people are very aware, and keen, and conscious of the world of spiritual things.  It is second nature.  They can see the angels and know for sure they are there.   Just like that.

And me?  Which do I believe?
Well, I’m not so keen when it comes to my Sixth Sense Antennas.  In fact, I wish those little projectiles  would spring out of my head, any day now.

But I do believe this.  The Universe is a big place, with a lot of energy.  And I am just a blip of a human, and not a very smart one at that.   So yes, I believe in Angels.  I believe in the endless possibilities of the goodness.  I like the chances for the unknown.  Because…. there in lies the answer.  There are numerous  things of the “everyday” which we simply can NOT know.

And then considered the things we know are real, but can’t see, or hear, or feel.  The air we breathe, the electricity which runs along wires in our homes,  the gravity which keeps our feet on the ground.   These are the things of the unknown, which have finally come in to focus.

And one day, things like Angels will be in very clear focus.  For all of us. At least… that is the way is seems to me.  Those Angels.  And.  That…. is what I perceive.  So do not say Good Bye.  Say Halo.