Unknown. Unknown.

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If I ever create a TV series, I think I am going to have to call it, “The Unknown.”

Well.  I seriously doubt that I will ever make a TV series.  So in lieu of that, I might just have to talk about it here for a little while.

There are certain times in life, when it gives you little unexpected surprises.   Sometimes, these things cannot ever be explained in human terms.

This morning, for example, I had a good conversation with my geese. I always welcome those times when I understand geese talk or when they understand human.    But as we made our exchanges, I wonder how they hear so keenly? The vast majority of birds appear to have nothing even resembling ears.  Of course, birds hear very well — about as well as humans do. It’s simply that in birds the external ear is inconspicuous.   They have earholes, which are cleverly covered with feathers.  Why so hidden, you ask?  It is to cut down on wind noise when they fly.  Perfect.

But I got off topic.  That fact is known. I am supposed to be talking about the unknown today.

So. My day.  As it continued on, I had a few appointments to keep this morning, and some errands to run.   I was on my way to the first stop in Eaton Ohio, when I decided to take a slight detour and  swing by Crystal lake.

Now, I am not sure why they call it Crystal Lake. As far as I can see, there are no crystals around the lake. And  I  KNOW crystals.   The water is nice and blue, but you can’t see down into it like you could if  it were crystal clear.

There were no makeshift stands around the lake, manned by small children, selling lemonade or  Crystal Light.   So could not be it.  (AND… I was thirsty, dag nab it.) Finally I thought maybe it was named for person, Crystal.   I decided it would be a great idea to start yelling her name, as I walked up and down the street.  “Crystal, Crystal.”  Loudly and over and over again.   The funniest thing.   People started slamming closed their front doors. And unfortunately, no one named Crystal emerged.

And I am off topic.  Again.

I continued my walk along the bank since I had a few more minutes before my appointment. I had given up my quest to figure out the naming of the lake.   I did happen to bump into Jack & Millie’s cousin.  Milton.  He is visiting from Wisconsin.  Oh,  and then there was some sort of Canada Geese Convention in town.   Kind of like Comfest.  But more like CanGooseFest.  (Not to be confused with Potted Meat).

Anyway.  Just as I was heading back to my car, I saw the impossible.  Right before my very eyes.

You know there are rumors of UFOs, Saskatchewan, the Yedi, ghosts, and such.  And then there is the ultimate possibility.  SuperHeroes.  Some people suggest they walk right among us.  The dancers of the matrix.

And now.   There before me.  I spied one.

Super Duck.   Yes.  You read it right.   Don’t wipe your glasses.  I did, in fact, say Super Duck.  I could not believe my eyes. There he stood before me.  Tall, strong, with his Wings Cape fluttering every so slightly in the wind.  But best of all, was the thing that keeps his identity the biggest of all secrets.   His bright red mask.

I could barely contain myself.    It is often asked why no one has ever gotten a clear photo of a UFO, or a ghost, or even Bigfoot. But I tell you this much right now.  When you are one of “The Unknown” and you wish to remain that way, you make it extremely difficult for others to even catch a glimpse of you.   We can’t blame them really.  I mean.  You know how the fame of things can be.

But there I was.  Phone in hand.  He either didn’t see me, or just didn’t care.  So  I snuck up behind Super Duck.  Albeit.   He was just a little busy saving some lame ducks.

But I fired off one shakey shot.   And here it is.

Then.  Just like that, he was gone.

So today I had a nice little surprise. One that I will never forget. But I can tell you no matter how super that duck is. He will never be as super as my geese. My Jack Jack. And my Milly.  The ultimate feathered friends.

And.  That simple fact is  truly one of life’s greatest surprises.  And joys.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” —Albert Einstein

“Sometimes you can’t see yourself clearly until you see yourself through the eyes of others.” —Ellen DeGeneres

“It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.” —Confucius

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” —Warren Buffett