Rewind. Relive. Rehash.

georororog droneyeyey


Review.  It can be a noun or a verb.  But to review the meaning, a ‘review’ is a formal assessment or examination of something.  And sometimes….  but not always…   it might be with the  intention of instituting change if necessary.

An evaluation,  assessment,  or maybe even an examination.  In other words… talking about it ALL over again.

So here is the “Week in Review.”  Oh. Not just any week.  My week.  If you want to read about Beyonce’s week, you better change channels.

This past week had its fair shares of ups and downs.  The world news sucked.  I am worried about our country.  But we will leave that discussion for another time.

But.  Things happened around here too.  My big brother Ed was visiting for a week.  He stayed with us.  He left Ohio, to return home to a rainier, cooler place.  And, it made me sad.  Not that he was going back to rainier and cooler.  But the fact that I won’t see him again for a while.  I’ll  miss him.   I already do.

My Dad’s birthday was this past week.  That made me sad too.

How about some animal news.  I’ve heard you are not supposed to name your farm animals.   It is a good thing we don’t have any of those.    Just a crap load of pets.  And when I say “crap load” I mean it in more ways than one.

Right now we have three dogs.  Maxine, Frances, Ollie.   Five goats.  Gracie, Georgia, Izzy, Andy, Claude.  Two geese.  Jack-Jack, Millie.  And last but not least, four chickens.  Flo, Dorothy (the boy chicken who really turned out to be a girl chicken), Maddie, Jeanie.

Mary pushed the geese into the big pond at least a half dozen times this week.  I think it traumatizes them.   They jump right out and admonish her intensely.  I do not think they have any interest in swimming.

Now for some goat news.  We got a new goat feeder this week.  Heavy-duty.  Nice.  Uh-Oh.  Not-so-nice.  Georgia got her head stuck in the new heavy-duty feeder.   Holy crap.  And I mean it.  You want to talk about serious trauma.  Crying. Screaming.  Panic.  Hoof stomping.   Oh … …… and then there was Georgia.   Thankfully, our main man Mike came to the rescue.  Man over metal.  He bent it with his shear super-fix-it-strength.  Mister Mike.  Goat Saver.

The next big news item is up in the air.  Literally.  I’ve decided I need to learn how to fly drones.  So I bought a little beginner drone.  Two days of flying.  Well.  The batteries only last for 7 minutes of flying time.  Sooooo,   maybe 28 minutes of flying up to this point.  More succinctly, crashing.  I’ve lost three propeller blades so far.

After the first seven minutes of flying, I went back to Amazon and bought a few packs or replacement propellers.  In my defense, I am starting to get the hang of this little thing.

I will be like Master Pilot Yoda in no time.

Mad skills.  With me, the force will be.  Yes, hmmm.  The best  drone pilot ever, I will be.  Soon.

Well, I could go on about the week.  But I will drivel not a minute more.
The good news:   Georgia the Goat is free.  I’m learning to fly.

And for all  of us, I say….
Be free.  Learn to fly.   And may The Force be with us all.



Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.  — Khalil Gibran


You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.  —   Rabindranath Tagore


Either I will find a way, or I will make one. — Philip Sidney