They need a Cairo-practor

There are a bunch of two-bit zookeepers roaming around in an ancient temple, carrying big torches, and wearing their finest Zoo Hats.

It started last Tuesday. During break. They gathered, as they always do, pulling chairs around the big wooden crate behind the Lion’s Cage. The one marked “This End UP.” Not the lion. The crate. There they sat and made the big determination while enjoying French Roast coffee from the DownDraft Zoo Canteen. Collectively they made the decision to go find The Canakhl Set of the ancient Golden Shabti.

Joe, the Penguin-Guy, had read in Popular Science Magazine about the good luck the Shabti will bring to its rightful owner. Its rightful owner. So off to Egypt they went.

Back to the ancient temple. Where they roam. With the torches. And a large supply of Twinkies in Alfred’s knapsack. Kevin asked, “Why are we doing this again?”

In unison, they responded. “Because Popular Science said it would bring good luck. Our zoo is failing. Attendance is down. We are out of money. And the Manny the Manatee just decided he wants a sex change. He is truly a Womanatee. We need the dough.”

So on they continued. For hours and hours. The torches gave out, and they had to feel their way back out of the Temple. They never found the Canakhl Set. But once they got back to town, they found a great little joint called The Cairo Candy Corn Cafe. All the Candy Corn your can eat buffet. $14.99.

They feasted. And got belly aches. Just then, a Mummy walks into the bar, holding the treasure. They begged him for it. And the Mummy said… “Look fellas. I just came in here to unwind.”
Things can get pretty weird on this day.
Happy Halloween.



Joe: What do mummies like listening to on Halloween?
Kevin: I don’t know.
Joe: Wrap music!


Joe: Why didn’t the skeleton like the Halloween candy?
Kevin: Why?
Joe: He didn’t have the stomach for it!