The Great Mystery


…. and to this day… the mystery remains.

I LOVE that statement. Whenever I read it in a book or hear it in a movie.

Just the sound of it….. well…. It sends shivers up my timbers, I’ll tell you. It doesn’t matter what the mystery is. I don’t care about the context.

“The peanut butter was found WITH the jelly between two slices of white bread on the kitchen counter. And to this day… the mystery remains.”

YOU SEE? Do you see how GREAT that is?

“They found that the mousetrap had snapped, but the cheese was gone. But there was no sign of a mouse. And to this day… the mystery remains. “

I’m telling you. This phrase is better than “Little did she know…” another one of my favorites.

“Little did she know …. poisonous gas was creeping across the field and surrounding her like a deviously rolling fog.”

Once again, the context of the statement makes no difference. It is just a perfectly lovely thought. Well… not the poisonous gas part… but the other.

You see, I love a good mystery it seems. And these phrases are filled with an unknown and potentially duplicitous and cunning scheme.

Truth be told, I think I like the mysterious, because my life if really unvaried, and pretty repetitive. You know how it goes….. the day in and the day out of it. I am not complaining one little iota. I rather like it that way. Uneventful.  Even Steven.

But with that said, I DO enjoy the “imagining” of circumstances uncharted and perhaps….even unheard of.

The troll under the bridge, the jolly dude at the north pole, the giant in the clouds with the goose laying golden eggs, the figure you saw from the corner of your eye, the tooth fairy, and the tea party. Mad hatter and all.

Don’t call me Sherlock though. I never attempt to figure them out. I think it is better that way Watson.  Much better.

Because.  As I mentioned.

“…. to this day, the mystery remains.”

“We have to stop and be humble enough to understand that there is something called mystery.” – Paulo Coelho