Again and again, and again…


As a sidebar, before I even post the rest… I had one of you on my mind the entire time I was writing tonight.  This rarely, rarely happens.  Sometimes I don’t know what it all means… or if any of it is on the mark… but it sure does make me wonder.

“Some stories are true that never happened.” – Elie Wiesel

Most days I wonder. About everything. And about nothing. Like…. why does Saturn REALLY have rings? Do dogs every remember their puppy days?

Do ghosts truly exists? What about angels? If the answer is yes for one, isn’t it yes for both?

Who came up with the idea for stair steps? How about making cheese?

A guy named Charles Morgan once said “As knowledge increases, wonder deepens.” I have found…. at least for me… that this is so dang true.

I mean, you begin to wonder about one little tiny topic… the next thing you know…. there is wonder spilling out all over the place.

And the things that we are capable of imagining… or conceptualizing… well….. they are boundless. And I like this part of life.

Another cool guy… John Muir…. once said: “The power of imagination makes us infinite.”

Yes infinite. Our humans brains are quite capable of envisioning the immeasurable.

And when we quit trying to measure it… or quantify it….. our minds can fly higher than the stars… or even faster than the rings of Saturn.