The Care in Carey. Or not.

maaaz olllie

Is it just me, or does Mariah Carey seem a little self-absorbed?  Maybe she’s a really nice person…. in person.  But she has made the proclamation that she is the Diva of all Divas.  The Queen of them All.  To me…. it seems… a bit….  narcissistic.

The only reason I have any information about her at all… is from Wheel of Fortune.  I know, I’m pathetic. But here is how it goes.  I like that show.  I like a good puzzle.  It gives me great joy to figure out “Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing” before Dave from Daytona Beach rings in.

Anyway.  Right after the Wheel, is Entertainment Tonight, or something along those lines.  I catch about five minutes of it while I’m washing up the dinner dishes.  Mariah Carey seems to be in their top story line a lot.  A pending wedding.  Opulence.  Celebrations. Shopping sprees.  A fiancé with a big wallet.  A break up. A law suit.  One yacht is not enough.  Asking for a 30 kabillion dollar settlement… blah, blah, blah.

Yep.  She seems just a little preoccupied with her own self.  To the point of nausea.  She thinks she is incredibly great… because of her beauty, her talent, her success, her “every little thing.”

I could go on a tangent about her talent.  There are a lot more people walking around here and there… with more talent than Mariah Carey.  They just didn’t catch her break.  Her lucky minute.  Her Golden Ticket in the Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar.  She can do that high-pitched squealing thing with her voice…. but so can a mouse when the trap snaps shut.  Anyway.

But back to her persona.

Truth be told, I guess we all can be a little bit self-absorbed, from time to time.  I know I can.

From the moment we are born,  we learn to operate from our own self.  Our internal needs which are specific to us… run our little bodies. As tiny little babies, we were hungry.  So we cried for the milk.  Our diaper was wet.  So we cried again, until we were warm and dry and cozy again.  We got sleepy.  So we fell asleep.  Typically, after having a good long cry.  And from that point on…. the foundation had been laid.

I think we stay in the “me” mode for a good little bit of our childhood.  But at some point, we start to look around and notice there are others.  Others who have needs too.  And suddenly we realize, we are not the most important person on the planet.  It is called growing. Maturing, even.  Becoming aware.

Yes, we see that we are not the only ant on the ant farm.  We are not the only Sea Monkey in the water bowl.  There are many others, who are just as deserving of their place on the planet as we are.  We see the importance of the whole shebang.  The big picture.

In theory.

Unfortunately, many stay stuck in the me mode.
Sometimes, we can’t help it. But most of us have the ability to snap out of it.  To  find awareness. To act with compassion and love toward others.

I think it is important for us to practice this.  This ability to give.  This ability to be fair and kind.

It is easy when the person in front of us is someone we love.
It is not quite as easy, when the person lives on the other side of the planet, and who lives in a much different culture than we do.

But the picture IS the same.  We all have the right to be one of the drops in the ocean.  One of the bees in the hive.  One of the people on this planet.

Be. Each Day.

In Peace.