Take your time.


Some things we humans say, and some things we humans do… make me wonder.

Like this.  “What does he do to occupy his time?”  Isn’t that phrase curious.
To occupy your time.  Like an apartment, or a parking space?    A lot of the phrases about time are pretty wonky, when you really think about it.
Killing time. Wasting time. Spending time doing this or that.  Or you could be buying time.  Living on borrowed time.  Or even taking your time.  And how… exactly… does someone give someone else a hard time?  Is there such a thing as hard time, or soft time?  Spongy time?

Okay, enough.  Time out.

The truth about time is that it is only here in this minute.  So, killing it, spending it, wasting it, or even buying it….seems like trouble.  It might be high time, we all just say… “There’s no time like the present.”

Here’s another thing.  We’ve been to Disney World a few times.  There is a ride there called “It’s a Small World.”  Catchy tune they play while you are riding it.  Anyway.   Just once.  Just ONCE, I want to run into someone I know there.  That would prove the whole thing.

Black Friday is coming up.  Oh yes it is.  But I was wondering…. does anyone in the KKK buy anything on Black Friday?  Heck… Now I have questions about a lot of things along those lines.  Do they play Black Jack?  Or drink Black Cows?  Will they fly on a plane with a Black Box?  Oh…  This is upsetting.


Here’s something.  When we lose our temper…. it always seems to come back.  And then we lose it again…

There are a lot of other times when we can’t lose things.  Like.  Have you ever “Unsubscribed” from an email mailing list… and seconds later, you get an email which says… “You have successfully Unsubscribed.”  Holy crap.  I asked them not to send me anything more… and look what’s the first thing in my Inbox.

Today we watched a squirrel take an apple to the highest branch in the tree and eat it.  She just sat high up there, basking in the sun…. enjoying her apple.  She appears to be one smart apple.  I guess the time was ripe for that.  She came back down and got another.

Hey, I love you all… but at this point…  obviously ….YOU are simply occupying your time.  Be assured, I’ve had a lovely time….. I’m even a Good-Time-Charlie… at times.  But I think tonight… my time is up.