Sweet. Home. Ohio.

nothertowermoppish toweooeor

We are home.

Those are three of the most beautiful words in the entire English Language.

In Czech….  Jsme doma
The Germans might say …. Wir sind zu Hause
And in Luxembourgish… Mir sinn doheem
Of course the French…. Nous sommes chez nous

And that encompasses the four countries we visited while on this trip.

Yet, of all the monuments, the paintings, the castles, and the palaces…  the most incredible thing to behold….

Was walking through the door of home, with the love of my life.
And see our 3 dogs bound for joy when they knew it was us.

That is more amazing than the smile of the Mona Lisa, and so much more magnifent than the  Reichsburg Castle in Cochem.

I woke up at 11 p.m. Ohio time, on Sunday, to begin our travel day.  We just got home this evening, and it is now 10 p.m. Ohio time on Monday.

It has been a long day.

So I leave you with a few other photos from our travels.

Gute Nacht meine Freunde.
Viel Liebe für euch alle.