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“I don’t like anything! I’m from Paris.”  – Saying on T-Shirt, seen in Paris, France

Ahhhh.  Sunday in Paris.

Okay.  I will give it this.  Paris is truly magnificent, in its history, its architecture, it spectacular monuments, and works of art.  Stupendous.  Incredible.  Profound.

And that’s where the romance ends for me.

Yes. This city is monumental.  Literally and in so many other ways.  You could spend an entire month here and still not scratch the surface of the exploration.

Yet.  Yet. Yet.  I find it a little on the dirty side, and a  LOT on the rude side.  They do not like Americans… and it shows.

Oh but wait.  There is the legacy of the food in Paris.  And.  I’m sure there is great food to be had, we just haven’t had much luck in finding it.  Take lunch.  We stopped at a restaurant which specializes in Frog Legs.  Mary & Jerry ordered them and were hopping happy.  As frog legs go, I thought they were okay, but tasted a bit like they had stepped on some sort of a garlic land mine.

Betty and I ordered the Beef.  Apparently this cut was from the loin.  You could not get a knife through it.  You could not get your teeth through it.  Napoleon Bonaparte could not get his Battle Ax through it. We have finally learned the lesson not to order beef in Paris.  0 for 3.

But the day started off a bit lopsided…. at best.  This morning, early, I would have given my first born child for a cup of hot coffee.  Viola’. There is a coffee machine on our floor.  After going 12 rounds with the thing, I was able to expel about 2 ounces of coffee for $2.50 Euro.

Exhausted from the battle, I slumped back to our room, and tried fiercely to get my room key to work.  I jerked the handle, I rattled the door, I slid the key in … UP, DOWN, left and right.  I even bumped to door with my foot.  It was 6:00 in the  morning for crying out loud.  Let me back in our room…. PLEASE.

Unfortunately, I was at the wrong room.  Our hotel neighbor opened the door…. and with this bleary eyes… let me know I was in error.

Breakfast was a challenge too.  I asked for Oatmeal.  They brought me hot milk instead.

The rest of the day had its fair share of missteps, and hiccups.  Too many to recount.

On the other hand, we saw the l’Arc de triomphe, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and so much more.  But perhaps my favorite was the Cathedral of the Notre Dame.  That was SO GOOD it was almost heavenly.

Heavenly.  Yes….. and on the flip side of that….  we ended our night with a 4 hour dinner and “Cabaret” which was nothing like the Moulin Rouge.  In fact, it was just about one vertical pole short of French Porn.

Ahhhhh…. a Sunday in Paris…

I am with Quasimodo.  Sanctuary…. …. Sanctuary….