Spin Cycle



Maybe I learned something today, maybe I didn’t.  Oh sure I did.  I try to learn a LOT of things each day.

But I am thinking of one circumstance in particular.  Let me begin by noting this.  I think Samsung is a pretty good brand overall.  They make great TVs.  And really good mirrorless cameras, to name a couple of things.   Plain and simple… I like their stuff.

And Consumer Reports has rated their front-loading washers and dryers as the best, for a few years running.  So a year ago, almost to the day, we switched from a Whirlpool set up, to Samsung.   I immediately loved those machines.  They both performed like champions.   I’m sure many of you noticed just how much cleaner I looked in general.

But.  There is always a but.

Our dryer has been “on the fritz” 4 times this past year.  Four.  The most recent failure has been its inability to produce heat.  Not good for a dryer.  So.  We called Samsung. They directed us to Home Depot (the place of purchase). And Home Depot gave us… AND I kid you NOT…. “The Feeney Brothers.”    Yes, three weeks plus after our initial call for heat… we get The Feeney Brothers… on the scene… to fix the dryer.

When they left, those old Feeney Boys gave us the two thumbs up. We were back on the map.  UNTIL… we tried to actually dry some clothes.  The dryer now runs for about 90 seconds and then it quits.

We have been waiting with baited breath for the “Return of the Feeney Brothers”… and Saturday was supposed to be the BIG day.  But alas.  No Feeney Brothers.  No Mario Brothers.  No Culligan Man either.

So this morning, bright and early, I went back to square one.  I called Samsung 1-800.  My first call lasted 47 minutes…

It started poorly with the automated phone system asking me asinine questions… like… “Has your personal information changed since the last time we talked?”

WTF?  1.  YOU are an automated phone system.  Okay, I know I don’t have many friends, but it isn’t like I am calling you up just to chat from time to time.
2.  How do I know what personal information you have for me?  Tell me my name, for instance.  Or, tell me what address you have on file?

Apparently, my responses were out of the scope of the Automated Phone Hussy.  She finally retorted.. “Please hold while I connect you with one of our Agents.”  (In my mind, I am picturing Barbara Feldon… Agent 99… Get Smart.  I knew…deep in my heart… I would not be so lucky.”)

Instead.  I got Erica.  While definitely American…. she seemed quite unfamiliar with the English Language.  She answered the call by asking “Am I speaking with Charlie?”  Nope.  Who’s Charlie?  She said, “You are supposed to be Charlie.”  Uhnnnnnn.  Nope again.   Do I sound like Charlie to you?   I finally got it in her little Samsung Head that my name was Polly.  The same Polly who has called 3 other times this past year… about this same dryer.

On to the business at hand.  After repeating my story, at least 3 times to her, we did some trouble shooting measures, none of which worked.  She finally said, “Well ma’am.   This is not a Service Issue.  I am sorry.”

Now I’m mad.  “What do you mean this is NOT a service issue.  1.  I bought a Samsung Dryer.  2. It isn’t working.  3. I called Samsung to fix it.  It sounds like a service issue to me.”   “No Ma’am.  This is not a service call.”

To which I said.. “Erica, my dear.  Let me run that by your Supervisor please.”  She put me on hold.. again.  Fifteen minutes later an automated Hispanic voice came on the line, and said something… in Espanol.  And then the line went dead.

cómo estás?

Now I’m really mad.

Without dragging you through the next 48 minute phone call… I will say that Samsung is scheduled to be here bright and early on Wednesday morning to fix the dryer. Which we will have to pay for.. since we are 11 days past our 1-year service umbrella.

So. What did I learn from all of this?

If I had a stronger sense of my spiritual self, I would be able to see these challenges as chances for enlightenment.  I would be able to  treat life with a soft and open heart.  These situations would give me opportunity for compassion and understanding… and ultimately joy.

But until I reach that Golden Zen Apex… I will probably continue to beat my iPhone on the top of the Samsung Dryer…while shouting automated profanities at the Samsung Phone-Bot.

Breathing In.  Breathing Out.