Piddle Here. Piddle There.


The truth of the matter is, my dogs and I, spend a lot of our time watching each other go to the bathroom. They follow me in where I go. And of course, I take them out where they go. It is a darn good thing we like one another.

We all pee. The all of us, if we are lucky. It can’t be helped.  We drink and out it comes.  But early in our lives, we wore diapers. And it was quite some time before we were “potty trained.” And so it goes with dogs. Little Boy Lew is doing pretty well, I must say. I just figured up his weeks, and he is 3 months old today. Regardless, we still have our fair share of indoor puppy puddles.

But therein lies one of the beautiful things about Lewey. The difference between a Shichon and a Great Dane. About 16 ounces of pee per squat. I am on the constant lookout for a tiny piddle-puddle. But they are harder to spot when the pool is small. Sometimes I will walk right over it, and then approach from a different direction, and spot it right away. I guess it all depends on the light.

That’s true of many things, really. Like. We had some friends over this afternoon. We were enjoying snacks and drinks out on the pool patio. I looked down and saw a patch of hair on the side of my knee, that looked like Rapunzel’s mane. The light hit it just right and quickly revealed that I’ve been missing that lump on my leg for quite some time now. It was embarrassingly braid-able.

Another good example is the prism in the window. Sometimes you have to stand in just the right place, with your head cocked slightly to the left, and look at the perfect angle, before you can see the splashy spectrum of the rainbow colors.

So many things we can see when we look at them from just the right vantage point. What we couldn’t see in one moment, becomes extremely clear in the next.

And how about the bigger picture. The world around us. There is so much going wrong in our very midst. Right before our noses. Some people refuse to see it. Others seem to see too much.

Because of this, tensions rise, arguments flair. Disagreements abound. I’m not sure what the answer might be. But I do know that sometimes we just need to widen our views. Look at all angles. See what we can see.

We can fight all the time if we want to. Or, we can choose to ask questions, try to learn more about other’s perspectives, and offer suggestions. We can try to make things go our own way. Sure enough.

On the other hand, we can act from our highest virtues. When we move toward any situation, with honesty, and calmness, we are taking the higher road. We are showing the better part of ourselves.

I have to admit, it is very difficult for me to have any forgiveness for hatred, bigotry, discrimination, and prejudice.  Yet, I try to understand these people are products of their environments, in most cases.  Nonetheless.

We can make peaceful decisions about how we choose to respond to all these troubling differences — to all these varying opinions. We can cause greater friction, or attempt to make things smoother. If we move this way or that, and shed some new light on a situation… we just might be able to see the pee-puddle before we step right in it.

By acting in peace, maybe we can help others to bring peace. To each other, and to our world.



“It is a narrow mind which cannot look at a subject from various points of view.” 
― George Eliot, Middlemarch


“One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.” 
― Tim Burton


“Some people see the glass half full. Others see it half empty.
I see a glass that’s twice as big as it needs to be.” 
― George Carlin