Over the river…..

threempb marypollyTonight I sat in a room with about 300 other people.  We were all there for basically the same reason.

We bought tickets.

The “event” was to see John Edward.   He is a “psychic medium” and purportedly has the ability to connect with people who have “crossed over.”  He has been around, doing this for 31 years.  At one point, he had his own TV show, and he has been on Oprah and Dr. Phil… and those sorts of shows.

I found it very interesting.  Mary came with me, and so did my brother and sister-in-law.

There were quite of few things that he said which were right on the mark with people.  A lot actually.  But sometimes it was hard to follow because most of the “readings” were on the opposite side of the room from us.

Of course, every one there, is hoping to get a “reading”…. except our group.  We consisted of two skeptics and two “keep us out of the lime lighters.”  We didn’t have to worry about it.

I’m glad we came. I’ve been wanting to see John Edward live…. ever since I first saw him on TV.  You see… I wanted to see some indisputable truth about the ongoing energy of life.  Whatever it is that you call it. Heaven and Hell.  The After Life.  The Ongoing Energy.  The Other Side.  The Eternal Life.  The Big Kablooey.  It makes no matter.

He said quite a lot to people which was very pointed and direct.  Was it proof enough for me?  For anyone?  Is there really a life after this life?  That is what many there were seeking.  The answers.  The connections from beyond.

Yet.  Here is what happened for me.  You see, more importantly, I was reminded of something  else.  I saw, once again, the love that certain people have for me in this life.   How they care for me and about me.  And I them.   And that is all I really need to see.  Ever.  That is the very best connection of all.  This day, and every day.