It counts

buuafdafadfdunnny maryyyryyrgoaty pollyandandy thekiiiiddddsTonight, I have written three different columns, and scrapped the whole lot of them.  That is just how things have been going with this lately.

This one makes four.  So.  I’m running with it.  It is getting late and I am getting tired.

But I’ll tell you exactly how things are adding up.

Tonight, the two humans gathered up their three dogs, and walked out to the farm yard.  They all went out to visit their three chickens, two geese, and five goats.

That makes 15 of us in all.  One big happy tribe of 15.  Unless of course you count the two deer, the 4 squirrels, and 7 rabbits we also saw tonight.  And too many birds to count.

The raccoons are hiding, unless they have all gone to the ranch.  But I doubt it.

At any rate, we mostly went out to let the goats know that it is all good here at the farmyard.

All good.


“I have learned my best friend and I can do anything or nothing, and have the best time.”  — Unknown

“Appreciate good people.  They are hard to come by.” – R. Kushhand

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” = Uknown.