Ay. See.


Of course I am going to write about electricity this time around.  It is brilliant. And.  As it is with a lot of things, we only miss them when they are gone.  From this day forward, I vow to pay homage to electricity.

We’d be lost without it.
In the dark.
Out in the cold.
Netflix deprived.

But there is something even more amazing than all the joy it brings to us.  Things like…. our hot coffee in the mornings, not to mention the eggs and the oatmeal.  The  beautiful existence of a microwave.  A TV.  A computer.  The washer and the dryer of the clothes. The list is enormous I’ll tell you.  All of it, hinging on that which runs on the electrical current of life.

The electric current of life.

But let’s go back for a moment.  To the founder of this wonder.  Since electricity is a natural force that exists in our world, it didn’t have to be invented.

Yet…. it had to be discovered and understood.  Of course, the dude with the kite and the key …. Benjamin Franklin… is mostly given credit for discovering electricity.  And then, of course Thomas Edison gets the nod for the lightbulb.

But did you know that all of them were late to the party?  Scientists have found evidence that ancient peoples may have experimented with electricity, too.

In 1936, a clay pot was discovered  & in it was… of all things…. that very first battery.  Yesssirrrreeee.  The battery may have been invented over 2,000 years ago. The clay pot contained copper plates, tin alloy, and an iron rod.  And a little Energizer Bunny banging on a drum.

But in our time, I think the thinking man was Nikola Tesla.

He was a truly gifted inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist.   He was probably best known for his groundbreaking strides within the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system.   Like I said… without it… we would be lost.

He did a whole big bunch  on the possibility of wireless communication with his devices.  Nikky.  Ahead of his time.

At any rate, when it comes down to the brass tacks of it all…. electricity is a thing of beauty.  It has been around since the universe came in to its being.

And when it goes missing…  our every day world feels a little unplugged.  Another small reminder that the only thing we can be certain of… is uncertainty.

So tomorrow morning, with the Ghost of Tesla’s blessing… I will wake up to that beautiful buzz of electricity. Maybe then I will iron my socks, and get the day started on the right foot.  Light the way.