Head West

Today was a big dang day.  As big dang days go.

We went Splorin.  Better known as exploring.  Yes, at the end of the morning, we just got in the car, and started heading west.

By no means are we in the same ranks of Lewis and Clark, Marco Polo, or Ferdinand Magellan.   Oh no.  Not the serious explorers. We are more of the armchair variety.

I mean, we didn’t even get past Richmond, Indiana, when we stopped off for lunch.  And then, some odd minutes later, we sidetracked through Centerville, Indiana, to investigate the antique mall.

And truth be told, our finally-finally destination was set for Indianapolis.  We settled into our hotel, The Conrad, smack-in-the-dab of downtown.  Three minutes later….   off to the iconic St. Elmo’s for amazing shrimp cocktail, and big juicy steaks.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better?  We walked the circle… where we saw Roger Clark’s statue, and gathered gusto.

From there…. on to the Show of Shows. We had second row seats to see Steve Martin, Martin Short, and the Steep Canyon Rangers in concert.  And what a show it was.  Those two guys have funny sewn into their birthday suits.  I’m pretty sure of it.

Yes a very good day for discoveries.  Today, …. among other things …. I observed that…
Food can be incredible tasty.
Things at the antique malls can be horribly creepy.
And.  People can be immensely talented.

Not a bad day for and explorer like me.



“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.”
― Erol Ozan


“What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the will to find out, which is the exact opposite.”
― Bertrand Russell


“To wander is to be alive.”
― Roman Payne