Good, like cheese.

Today, I was reminded, again, and again, just how many good people are in my life.  I am so thankful for this.  They are golden. They are beautiful.  They embody grace, and decency, and benevolence.

This is not a new thing.  My entire life, I have been fortunate to have these treasures, these connections, these people.  Some have been constant, since my birth.  Others have come and gone throughout the years.

Today,  I thought of a time about 12 years ago.  I had to visit Minnesota for a short period of time, in the dead of winter.  I was ill-prepared in my packing.  My only coat was a thin leather jacket.  This was no match for the brute force of the northern chill.

A woman, who I barely knew, gave me her coat.  She was leaving Minnesota, she said, and she thought I could really use her coat, more than she.  It was a brand new Columbia winter parka.   I accepted the gift and I never saw her again.  It saved my shivering self.  Her act of kindness still astounds me, to this day.

I have family and family.   Friends, dear friends. A wonderful Aunt. Colorful cousins, and beautiful canines. Acquaintances, even passers-by.  Like the gold at the end of the rainbow.  Like feather pillows, warm sun, or Limburger Cheese.  (I happen to love Limburger Cheese).

Yet with all of that goodness, I am highly aware it can’t all be waffles and ice cream.  I’ve had my fair share of brushes with the bad, the gnarly, and the stinkers in life.

I sure wish it could all be good, all the time.  But, the fact is, we all have the bad with the good. It simply comes and goes that way.

However, it seems to me, that sometimes the more we focus on the negative, the more negative we find.  And when we emphasize the positive, we seem to attract it.  You probably know at least on Debbie-Downer.  Things always seem to go from bad to worse for dear Debbie.  Yes.  The down-trodden always seem to get more slogged in the mud.  And those who are feather-feet-on-the-clouds, move from one good thing to the next.

It isn’t always this way, but pretty dang often.

Which brings me back to a favorite singing point of mine.  The power of our energy.  It is powerful.  It is moving and vibrating all the time. Ardent.  And when we keep it light, positive, and whole, it brings that same vibe around.

My good brother reminded me tonight to go lightly.
It is a good thing to do.  Go lightly.  And light will follow.



“The reason I’m being positive is to make everyone around me to get the positive energy”
― Sivaprakash Sidhu


“A negative outlook is dangerous. When you say, “It can’t get any worse!” You’re essentially challenging the universe to do exactly that.”
― Kamand Kojouri


“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”
― Neil Gaiman, Coraline