Flap or bust.

bibibibibib skkskskyyyy whiteieiduck

When I go through my day, there are things which pop up, from time to time, and it will give me some fuel to write with that night.  Other days, it will be bone dry.

Well, today was chock-full.  I had about 20 things roll around by mid-afternoon, that were going to make for good reading.

I started off my morning at the dentist’s office.  Just my 6-month checkup.  But a few funny things happened during that visit.  And that was all before 9 a.m. Like… my dentist telling me I need to take up Yoga, or some sort of relaxation classes.  Apparently, I am clenching my back teeth a little too aggressively most of the time.  It is beginning to leave marks.

Anyway, that was just one little thing.   And.  I’m telling you… the whole day was like this.

So tonight I had a board meeting.  I was walking to my car after the meeting adjourned.  And just then, a string of ducks flew overhead.

But apparently, they were arguing, or in a disagreement over directions, or perhaps they were just “challenged” ducks.  Honest to god, I thought the whole skein of them was going to wreck.  Three crashed into one another, mid air.  And then they got really hacked off with eachother.

Two in the rear of the pack, tried to fly up and take the reins.  That was all wrong too.  There was another crash, and a lot of flapping.  And squawking.  And a TON of FOWL language.

I just stood, mouth agape, watching.  And laughing.  Hard.

Of course, it looked to me like they flew in the direction of Crystal Lake, so I had to jump in my car and give chase.  I had to know if they worked things out…. or if they wrecked somewhere along the way.

Most ducks fly in a V.  This group was in a cursive Q.  And wonky.  All over the place.

At the Lake…  well…. I came to the realization that most ducks look alike to me.  I hate to use wide sweeping terms when describing a group of ANYBODY.  But ducks… feathers, bills, webbed-feet, good swimmers.
I guess I’ll never know about the group in the sky above the Art Center.  But I had a good laugh on a count of those ducks.

Apparently, they were winging it.  But their flying was all fowled up.  They just didn’t fit the bill. Waddle you think they will do next.?  I think I heard the one say that flying wasn’t all it was quacked up to be.  You know I understand. I’m down with that.  They are probably embarrassed.  So if anyone asks you about this… I wood duck that question.


If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading. — Lao Tzu