Calm Down. Relax.

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Apparently, the grinding of my teeth stirred up a lot of people.  I got a boat load of comments, concerns, well-wishes and such, concerning the wear-patterns I am putting on my back molars.

Just for the record, I’ve probably been doing this since I was three.  Yep.  It’s true.  I’ve been a little on the high-strung side my entire life.  A little-ish … some….. maybe.

I have been trying lately to find the Zen… the calm… the peace…. the nothingness and the everything simultaneously.  But sometimes, it doesn’t add up in the world that is spinning around me.  The ups-and-downs of it all makes me a little crazy and I start clenching my jaw.

Tight-toothed, or not…. one thing I am certain of, every day, is that I have some pretty groovy people in my life.  Snappy.  Neat-o.  Swell.

Like this morning, a good friend of mine greeted me with a gift.  I was presented a beautiful Calm Coloring Book.  And a box of Crayons, in 24 vivid and non-toxic colors.

As soon as I got home… I decided to color the calm right in me.  It all began okay… I started with a purple crayon after all.  I mean… that’s the color of Barney.  But after a few moments, I was out in the driveway doing wind-sprints.  It is hard for me to sit still for very long, and when you color in a Calm Coloring Book, you are, pretty much, required to sit still.

I think I can find a way around this.  I will try to color again tomorrow.

Until then… I am carrying around the non-toxic crayons with me… everywhere i go.

I’m always reading how we should get rid to of the toxic things in our lives.  There is no need to be with toxic people, or to be in toxic situations, or near toxic anything.  So conversely, I figure…  if I keep a “non-toxic” thing with… all the better.

I am hoping the calm will hit me through osmosis.  Or the color purple.


You arrive at a village, and in this calm environment, one starts to hear echo. — Yannick Noah