Abbreviated Blah

I wish people would stop with the acronyms already.

To read anything through, I have to take time out,  and look them up.  I mean.  Who can remember all of those darn acronyms?

Today, I read an article about FOMO.   Now, do you think they made an effort to say what FOMO is?  Nadda. Zilch. Zippo.

It could have been anything.  My brain is already swarming with useless information.  But … in between these ears…  that myriad of random thoughts comes around in all-out-full-fledged words and sentences. Well.   Most of the time.

FOMO could be any dang thing.  Fearless Objections Move Officials.  Frowning Owls Might Organize.  Finally Outmaneuvered My Outrage.

But no.  It is Fear Of Missing Out.  Apparently, my fears are justified.  I am completely missing out.

Then.  There is BOGO.  This seems like it should be some sort of stick that you stand on, and hop about, like Tigger would.  But no.  BOGO.  It is Buy One, Get One.

Again, why not just say it?  And where did the “free” go?  Technically, if we translated properly, it would be BOGOF.  But that sounds like a Russian Horror-Movie Actor.  Viktor Bogof.

Oh, the trouble with acronyms.  I’ve complained about them before, but they seemed to temper down for a while.  Like, these days, it is just NOT cool to say LOL.  However, many of you may remember that about 6 months ago, I started a National Campaign to bring back the LOL in our world.

It was the ONE decent acronym, after all.  Then someone decided it was passe’, and away it went.  So yes, LOL.  Let’s give it another push forward.  We all should be laughing out loud, as often as possible.

Holy Smackerels.  The English Language is falling to the wayside,  I fear.  When people starting using the likes of “TT2T”…. which means someone is ….Too Tired To Talk… I would tend to agree.  If you need an abbreviation to explain that you simply are too tired to speak… you should definitely quit your texting and read a book.

Then there is the old…. BTDT.  Been There Done That.  Just the sound of that phrase rubs me the wrong way.  A bit of a braggart in our midst, don’t you think?  Having been so many places, and done so many things.

And this.  THIS.  IOW – In Other Words.  How does that come to fruition in a text rant?  Is it like… WTF?  IOW… BS. IRSTBO.

In other words…  we need to speak more clearly, perhaps.  While we are at it, let’s revitalize the art of grammar.  Oh.  Cursive writing too.

I’m getting old, I suppose.  And, I’ve gone on about this long enough.
Your FOMO on something far more important …. is probably heightened at this point.
But if you agree with me, even in the slightest?  I will have to say GMTA.  That’s…. Great Minds Think Alike.  (For all us dinosaurs).

And if you like the Realm of the Acronym World?
Well… I guess I will CUL8R.


The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain. — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


I follow three rules: Do the right thing, do the best you can, and always show people you care. — Lou Holtz


Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work. — A. P. J. Abdul Kalam