Beauty, eh?

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There are some pretty people in the world I’ll tell you.

I was flipping through Variety Magazine, the issue with the “pitches” for the upcoming Academy Award Nominations.  Pretty, pretty people.  The kind that look good no matter what they wear… even if they had on a burlap bag… or a pair of square pants.

Beautiful faces and beautiful bodies, by our society’s standards.

I also saw an interview with Kate Winslet last night.  Personally, I think she is a beautiful woman.  Yet, she said her appearance isn’t a big thing with her.

She talked about her previous Oscar win.  When she accepted the statue, she said she thought about all the kids who bullied her when she was a child. They were cuter and more popular and big bullies, to boot.  She was getting pretty jacked up about it.    “And look at me now.  Where are they now?” she asked.

Stay with me.

Then, still later last night, there was a segment on the news about a music teacher… in… somewhere USA.  Now she is probably in her 70s.  But every body loved Ms. MusicTeacher.  And she was so happy.  And she sang. And she banged on her guitar.  All the kids followed along enthusiastically.  Many of those ‘little’ children, talked about how Ms. MusicTeacher changed their lives.  And they meant it.  You could see the truth of the matter in their eyes.  While she was not extraordinary in her exterior appearances, she radiated.  She had the beauty pouring from the inside out.

The old axiom seems to ring true.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I don’t think there is one kind of beauty which is better than another.  Yet, I really love to meet people who shine from the inside out.  That’s my favorite kind of beauty in this world.  The kind that is contagious.

In any day…. the nature of our thoughts shapes our character and becomes part of us. As such, I think it affects our appearance. (I mean, it is pretty easy to spot someone who is angry, or jealous, or full of fear, or just plain bitchy.)

The same thing goes for kind thoughts.  Those gracious feelings affect our appearance too.  But in a good way.

There is an old quote by Norman Vincent Peale.  He wrote “God runs a beauty parlor.”   It think he meant that people with good, kind, loving thoughts…. and compassionate ways…. are beautiful… as a result of this splendor of being.

All that loveliness of character becomes a plain as the noses on their faces.

There are all kinds of beautiful people in this world.  All kinds.   I am so thankful for the ones in my life.  I try to be a sponge when I am around them.

Sponge Polly.  Now if only I had a pair of square pants.


Beauty is whatever gives joy.
— Edna St. Vincent Millay

The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.
— Francis Bacon