A picture is worth…

Sometimes, we need to go back to our beginnings.  Square One.

Hey, why is it Square One?  Why not Circle One, or Triange, or Polygon?  No matter.

There are times when we need to revisit the source.  Our roots.

When I started writing this thing, Good Old Project 372, which started in 2009….  I did it to get better at photography.  I was working on my Bachelor’s Degree.  Fine Art Photography.

I wasn’t shooting enough late in the last part of my Junior term.  So, I made a commitment.  For one year, I would shoot each day.  And once a day, I would process and publish a photo online.  And, I felt it was necessary to write a little bit about the image, for context purposes.

Well.  The writing grew and grew.  And after I graduated, I slacked off on the shooting.  These days, I have trouble coming up with new photos.  A lot of times, they are from my phone.  I rarely take my big camera out of the bag anymore.  So as it turns out, I have focused more on the writing, than the shooting.

So… tonight, I grabbed a random hard drive from my archives… and here are a few of the photos.  This is 2014.  February.  A warmer place than Ohio.  Specifically … two weeks in the Caribbean on a tiny island.  And, some things I saw.

A mom and a daughter were here a few moments earlier.  The water must have been asking for it.  All that was left were their shoes… and Lonely Barbie.


This tree seems to be… perfectly happy.  It just looks so content and delighted, to be standing there at the edge of the beach.


I met this guy on an early morning walk.  He hugged me.  I distinctly remember it too.  When he wanted to hug you…. there really was not any stopping it.


I also met this guy on that same walk.  He did not hug me… but he showed me how to catch fish with my beak.  If I had one.


So.  That’s how it used to be, some seven years ago.  And who knows.  Maybe it will shift back to that again.

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

— Henry Ford