Tip me over, Heathen.



I am a fan of the entertainment world, it seems.  I love music, plays, sports, and the like.  I especially am fond of the movies. Good movies, of course.

And most certainly, that is all subjective.
One man’s “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” is another man’s “Dumb and Dumber.”

Some movies seem to  strike an internal chord with many of us.  I have a lot of favorites, with a large portion of them falling into the animated category.

The Incredibles.  Monster’s Inc.  Chicken Run.  The Triplets of Bellevillie. Finding Nemo.  Despicable Me.  How To Train Your Dragon.  Oh… and on and on.

But I’m pretty picky there too.  I was unimpressed with Frozen for example.

There are certain directors, which peak my interest as well.  Hitchcock fan here.  Vertigo. Rear Window.  Psycho.  Spellbound. North by Northwest.    And of course… The Birds.

Classic.  Which brings me to another topic, where movies are concerned.  Take The Birds, and the leading lady, Tippi Hedren.   You know, if I was not so enamored with the grace and flow of my own name… Polly Cecile Kronenberger…. I would pick one every bit as pleasant to the ears, Like Tippi Hedren.   But.  That was her nickname, I suppose.  Her real name is Nathalie Kay Hedren.

And wouldn’t you know?  Actors frequently chose new names.
Vin Deisel… Mark Sinclair Vincent
Michael Caine….  Maurice Joseph Micklewhite
Martin Sheen… . Ramon Antonio Gerard Estevez
Christopher Walken… Ronald Walken
Helen Mirren… Ilyena Lydia Vadilievna Mironov
Carmen  Elektra … Tara Leigh Patrick
Jamie Foxx…. Eric Bishop
Whoopi Goldberg … Caryn Elaine Johnson

Oh. We could do this all night.   But it might be fun to rename ourselves…  I think.  You know. Something catchy… that might explain a few things to others.  Our very own branding.

I am pretty sure I would pick “Clutzy Agog.”

In fact.  From now on… I think I’d prefer it.  Just call me… Clutzy Agog.

Not that I have a big film career ahead of me or anything.  But I have an iPhone.  And it shoots video.  I might be the next Tippi Hedren of the digital world.

Sort of like….  some awesome version of Pokemon Go.  Or ….. …. maybe closer to Pac Man….  or probably Space Invaders.    Yep. I think I am seeing a happy future with my new Pseudonym.  Presto. Change-o.  I’m a rock star.

And who said change is difficult?


The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. -Albert Einstein



When you’re finished changing, you’re finished. -Benjamin Franklin