The big glitch. The old snafu. The error on the Short Stop.

The past two days, have been going wrong. Not like falling off a cliff, wrong.

But wrong, like the monkey with the wrench, wrong.

No internet has been one of those things.
Writing this bloggy column on a wimpy phone signal, in the middle of the bumpkin country, is not a very doable thing either.  That kind of wrong.

And.  And, and, and.  Alexa has started eerily laughing …. randomly  …. in many homes, all across America.  It was on the 6’o’clock news.  This is scaring the socks off of everyone, including Amazon.

So until we find an iron, to get these wrinkles out.
Kid Wednesday is taking up knitting. Or water polo.



“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche


“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.”
― William James


“I have no internet connection. Again. Hence, I have no connection.”
— Polly C Kronenberger