Zip it…

I wonder a lot of things.  Tonight, I am wondering if people in the United States are, for the most part, happy where they live.

Tonight, Mary & I were talking about certain things we miss about living in Charleston, South Carolina.  We were reminiscing about our friends,  the great Farmer’s Market, the restaurants, the charm. On and on.  But truthfully, we love where we currently  live.  We have lived  together in Preble County for 27 years.  We built this house 21 years ago.

It is not perfect, but it is pretty darn close.  If I could change anything, it would be the progressiveness of this community. But that conversation is for another time.

Tonight, I’m talking homes.  Apparently, so are a lot of people. There was a recent report in the news, concerning just that.  GOBankingRates, surveyed median home value data from Zillow.  They did this survey for for hundreds of zip codes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Some of the zip codes have home values topping millions of dollars.  Others…. not so much.   A bunch of these surprised me.

I figured Hawaii would be the highest.  I have always heard it is the most expensive state in which to live.  And it may very well be… because the cost of living is through the roof there..  But… the most expensive zip code in Hawaii… is 96821.  And that city would be… Honolulu.  Median Home Value: $1,295,400.  But not the most expensive Zip on the list.

So… who is the highest?  Good old California.  The zip is 94027… and the city is Atherton…. which is in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Price tag for the Median Home?  $6,177,000.  Not only that…. Atherton’s median household income is in excess of $250,000.

The cheapest (of the most expensive Zips) on the list. Surprisingly  Maine… and Idaho.
Maine: 04270 — Town of Oxford — $127,400
Idaho.  83455 —  City: Victor. — $349,500

Some others on the list.

Connecticut: 06830  — City: Greenwich — $1,730,200

DC: 20015 — City: Washington, DC  — $999,000

Our neighbor to the west.. Indiana.
Indiana: 46077  —  City: Zionsville  —   $324,500

Since I mentioned Charleston…
South Carolina: 29915  —  City: Bluffton/Daufuskie Island  — $488,900

Finally Ohio.
Ohio: 45174  —  City: Terrace Park  (Cincy area) —  $500,500

And… if I had to pick a next state for me…. Utah.
Utah: 84060  —  City: Park City —  $940,700

So,  there they are. The most expensive zips, by median home cost.

It is all very interesting, whether price matters to you or not.

For me, the big thing that matters when looking for a home is…. getting one that is truly enlightened.  Those are the homes with two Karma garages.



Home interprets heaven. Home is heaven for beginners.   —  Charles Henry Parkhurst


Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home. —  Matsuo Basho