Whoooop seeee

Does your inner kaleidoscope ever go cattywompus?  Or. Does your MoJo get waylaid? All the way laid down on its back?   Whew.  It happens to me every now and again. I’ll tell you.  When your inner patterns get out of whack, the whole world turns a little sideways.  You walk with a limp on those days.

It started yesterday.  I should have know.  As soon as the dogs woke me at 4:00 a.m., I was slow to rise.  Most mornings, I snap right to it.  But not yesterday.  From that point on, the whole bucket of it…. has been quite askew.

I spilled.  Seriously.  All day yesterday, I made spills everywhere.    I dumped an entire dog bowl of water on the floor.  Had it been milk, I might of had cause to cry.  However, no one cries over spilled water.  (Or maybe they do?)

I spilled an can of orange soda, into a hardwood nightstand.  Down the wall, into a power strip, and more.  It was a Diet Orange Crush. And  I was crushed.  Still later…. there was a tub of cooked rice that I had in the fridge.  Kapow.  On to the kitchen floor.  Good thing my dogs like Chinese food.  Especially, steamed rice.  Happy dogs.  And, cleanup was a snap, in this case.  They like eggs too.  Another swell thing.  I dropped one of those just this morning.

But today started at 3:00 a.m. when Maxine began pacing.  Again, my brain was not ready to be in function mode. It was right in the middle of this dream about a big colorful carnival, with a very strange combination of people in my life.  We were playing poker when the “conscious-mind-awake” hit me.  It wasn’t that big a deal.  All I was holding was a pair of eights.

Yes, things just seem to be a little out of sync.  The tick is off the tock.

I washed my coat last night.  I pulled it out of the dryer as I was rushing out the door for an appointment. I made my way to town, and ran into an old friend at the bank.  We were midway through the conversation, when I noticed a white crew sock, stuck to the Velcro on the outside of my jacket.  I felt just like that luckless-scare-monster in Monsters Inc.  2319!  2319!   This was the equivalent to toilet paper on your shoe.  Worse than dryer sheet coming out your pant cuff.

Oh, I’m sure it will all return to equilibrium soon.  I just probably didn’t eat my Wheaties.   In fact, I’m sure I didn’t eat my Wheaties… because I don’t.  The last time I had them, Bruce Jenner was on the box, when he was still Bruce Jenner.

But back to it.  On days like these, I think the best thing to do is  honker down.  Stay the course. Embrace the Wonk.  Smile in the face of perplexity.  Or stare down the outlandishly puzzling.

My big advice when it all seems to have gone south?

If you tilt your head… a little to the left…..  yep…… just a little further to the left…   … the world looks ALL right again.



“You don’t get explanations in real life. You just get moments that are absolutely, utterly, inexplicably odd.”
― Neil Gaiman


“In a world of diminishing mystery, the unknown persists.”
― Jhumpa Lahiri, The Lowland


“With the known, you simply repeat the process. With the unknown, you access the new doorways to life.”
― Roshan Sharma