Who cut the cheese?


The world is full of information.
And history.

We can’t possibly know it all.
And that is just our little bitty world.  The Universe is …. so…. BIG.  It overwhelms my little brain sometimes.

In fact, tonight, my brain feels a little overwhelmed.  Maybe because it feels like the  weight of the world is on it.  Our little bitty world. Or my little bitty brain.  Nonetheless.

So, maybe just a few fun snidbits… to lighten things up.  About some of the things I really like in this life.

I love a good play.  You know… the kind on stage… with actors.  On of my favorites is a little deal by Arthur Miller. Death of a Salesman.   But that wasn’t Miller’s original title.  When he first wrote it.. he titled it ….The Inside of His Head.   Death of a Salesman is better, I think.

I love the Olympics too.  My sister and I used to pretend we were in those Olympics.  Any Olympics.  When Nadia Comaneci hit the scene… we used to act like we were gymnasts.  But the most fun was saying her name… just like the announcer did..  Comaneci…. Naaaahhhhhhhhhdia.

But here’s something.  She was the first gymnast to score a perfect 10.  Nobody had figured on that.  So. The scoreboard wasn’t prepared either. Her score was reported as “1.00.”

Another thing I really loved when I was a kid was playing with G.I.Joes.  They were the cool ones that stood about 12 inches tall and had fuzzy beards and crew cuts.  We had elaborate setups for those things, my sister and I.  Neither one of us ever had a Barbie Doll.  These days….one Barbie Doll is sold about every 3 seconds.  It explains a lot.  About a lot.

Food is good too.  I like so much of it.  And while I eat the same things over and over… I really DO love to try new foods.  But not this one… I don’t think.  It is called Casu Marzu.  And that means “rotten cheese” in Sardinian.   Now… I am fine with certain rotten cheese…. like Limburger.  Most people think it stinks.  But I love Limburger.  But back to Casu Marzu.  It is more commonly known as “maggot cheese.”  Seriously.  Why?  Welllll….. because it actually contains live maggots. The cheese is only okay to eat if the maggots are still alive.   News Flash:  I’m out.

Finally.  I love creatures.  Great and small.  I mean… who knew I would get so attached to a couple of geese.  But here is a little fun fact about crickets.  Their ears are located on their front legs…. just a little bit below their knees.  That’s why they jump so good… I think.  They are always trying to hear better.  Up and down they go.   Can you hear me NOW.. I’ll be right back…. Can you hear me NOW…. I’ll be right back…. Can you hear me….

Yep.  On any day… there is much to see and learn and think about.  And if this little bitty world feels a little bitty crazy right now… give yourself a break.  Spend some time with some things you love.  Then pass it on.

“Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.”
― Brian Tracy